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Annie Selke does a nice write-up of LOCAL and Michele for the Fresh American, “When ceramics artist Michele O’Hana opened LOCAL, her Lenox, Massachusetts, boutique in 2010, she wanted it to be a shop-front studio for her work and a place where her artisan friends could sell their crafts to discerning shoppers. But in less than a year’s time, LOCAL has represented upwards of 40 craftspeople and blossomed into one of the area’s little gems, where you can find gorgeous home goods, fashion, and accessories all made within a 60-mile radius of the tiny Berkshire town.”… more at

LOCAL mentioned in a blog for upstate weekenders, “Two weekends ago, I popped into a new store in Lenox called Local.  Local is filled with beautiful items handmade by local artisans including jewelry, pottery, knitwear, art, kitchen linens and more.  The displays are tasteful and the store is well curated.  Each artist gets a little card noting where they live/work, a short bio, and their contact information.  You really get the feeling owner Michele O’Hana cares as much about showcasing the artist as she does the art.” … more on

LOCAL is featured on the Rural Intelligence website. “LOCAL is a find—a charming space filled with a smartly edited collection of sophisticated, well-priced things; some jewelry, clothing, and children’s toys, but mostly objects for the home, nearly all made by hand by some of the region’s most gifted artisans.  And how do customers, particularly tourists, find LOCAL, buried as it is deep within a shopping complex way out on the highway?  ‘I”m right across from Chocolate Springs,’ O’Hana says of the popular cafe/chocolatier.  ‘Everybody seems to figure out how to find Chocolate Springs.’ ” …more on  Article by Marilyn Bethany


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